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Students graduating from an Oregon high school have a lot of decisions to make. Choosing between four-year colleges, community college, vocational schools, military service, or just getting a job is really difficult. And the implications from these decisions will shape that student's future.

Most high school counselors recommend that high school seniors apply at a either a four-year college or a community college. Enrolling in college is a pretty safe choice. Once you're enrolled in college, you can always quit if you need to. Students who don't enroll right away face the risk of never earning a college degree. Learn more about colleges and degrees.

If you don't know what you want to major in, you can always just start taking general education and liberal arts courses. Community colleges are great at offering many introductory general education classes. General education credits will transfer to whatever four-year college you may attend later.

If you're unsure of a college major, you could consider engineering or teaching. The field of engineering consists of many different specialities, from civil to structural and from chemical to mechanical. The employment outlook is usually pretty great for engineer graduates too. Read about degrees in engineering.

And lots of students go into teaching. The education field can be very rewarding. Students just need to understand what grade levels they would be most interested in teaching. Consider a career as a teacher.

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