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There are so many different education paths to consider. Between traditional colleges and vocational training schools, every potential student has hundreds of different career paths they can take.

Unless you are already sure of what career you want to be in, most guidance counselors will recommend students enroll at a four-year college or a community college. Students can use those first two years of college to help them learn about various college majors and career paths.

There are lots of schools to choose from -- big, small, expensive, cheap, urban, small town and online are just some of the features to consider for each potential college. Click here to search through a lot of different schools.

If you aren't set on a major yet, business is very popular. A business degree from a good college is still a great entry on your resume. While a general business administration degree doesn't tell prospective employers too much, a finance or accounting degree does. These two business degrees are more specific and generally give graduates a stronger case for that first job.

And earning a graduate degree in business really sends a strong message. Being able to put down that you have a master's degree in business administration (an MBA) on your job application can get you in the door of many employers. See masters degree programs in Oregon and through online schools.

The healthcare field is still wide open. Hospitals, clinics and other facilities are constantly looking for qualified, experienced nurses and care givers. For entry-level nurses, the hours can be very inconvenient, but they get better once you start earning seniority. You can consider a health care career or something related, but different, such as a medical equipment technician or a dentist office worker, assisting a dentist as a hygienist or an assistant.

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